really really big pinecone

by really big pinecone

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    The Pinecones are a glitter-clad oligarchy that reside in the trees and come down twice a year to feed. They write all of our music.

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released January 3, 2015

really big pinecone is zannie, greg and mikey. mostly recorded at gravesend in the shhh barn by carlos hernandez and julian fader. other stuff recorded at home. mixed and mastered by zubin hensler. pinecone cone by deanna demaglie. diorama by zannie. floating couch dog wants to go home now.



all rights reserved


really big pinecone Brooklyn, New York

sad grooves


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Track Name: adult
get a job
buy a car
go to school
learn a trade
get straight a's
find a box
write your name
it's all the same


paint a face
on top of your own
show it off
like a brand new home
go to sleep
lock the door
check your credit score
you're a fraction
of a hole
Track Name: i would
can i take you out for an ice cream cone?
if you don't think i would, i would!
in a heartbeat
if i still had one
after what you've done to me

even when it seemed like you were on my side
you were just caving in
cause once it's gone, etc.

twinkly eyeballs inside the tent
still don't know what it meant
in a swarming crowd
cheering feeling proud
waving, "cya" endlessly
Track Name: eggy eyes
throw my body in jail
never mind
hail mary
i'm too lazy to kill
you stroked the spine of

is it semantics
or are they just semen ticks
the eggs or the eyes

i went to the priest
ate my eggs
though they weren't green

ring around the
Track Name: murky depths
don't give in
you'll go to hell or even worse
you might never forgive yourself
your arms around another guy
another try
at feeling less alone
don't cry

murky depths
is where you slept so peacefully
i'm not who i want to be
what i said about going to hell
well i made that up
but if you did i'd enjoy a visit
Track Name: backup plan
keep me in your backup plans
craft some pretty verbal stuff
sneak around the parking lot
make friends
with everyone
and tell me how you did

who turned out the lights in here?
i swear things weren't always this tough
never felt so disconnected!
no thought
inside my head
no point
in calling you up anymore

woo me with your icy laugh
cool me with that gloomy grasp
please take off your coat and stay awhile
Track Name: neighborhood messiah
i spoke with the neighbor on the flat
i hear you're holy now
do you believe in that?
i know you do

i bathe in orange peels of you
you're gone again
will you be my hypothetical friend?

a pair of dimes fell out of your shoe
i speak in fairy tales of you
Track Name: you know how
did you think you'd collide with another light shining in your personal hemisphere?

well i wanted out of that

the constant fear that no mountain top, no swimming pool could ever make you feel anything but what you thought you'd feel...

in an airplane you were flying squinty-eyed not even trying to become the thing that you're not
Track Name: sneered the pioneer
keep trying to settle the universe
subtract a few centuries
and you're in flatland
you're a sargeant of a
make believe world

all i see is sea
all i see is sea
all i see is me

sneered the pioneer
subtract a dimension and you're in flatland

you're a sargeant of a make believe world
Track Name: skyscraper
who was feeling tall?
who was not at all?
it's me!
down underneath that skyscraper you're smiling in

nothing else can stop you now
the gloom's gone
but when it gets dark you'll count the things
you will not enfold

never very far
you'll bounce back to maintain who you are
go to sleep dreaming up a new pep talk